Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Revisiting My 1st Pregnancy (Day 9 of 30)

I woke up this morning with that "Okay, I'm starting to have enough of this" thing. Today is 34 weeks. Just 6 left (hopefully). My grumpiness (sore back, cramping, overall unmotivated/lethargic feeling) reminded me of a blog post I wrote about being pregnant the first time around. I was probably right around 34 weeks that time, too. I've definitely handled things much better this pregnancy. For the most part, I've really embraced and enjoyed my experiences. I've learned so much about my body since the last pregnancy, and I think I have put all that knowledge to good use. So, if you want a good laugh from Carrie (July 17, 2009), here it is:

I've tried to remain very positive throughout my whole pregnancy, especially these last few weeks, but after just tripping over my comforter and falling to the ground in my own bedroom, it's time to bitch a little bit. I think if I just get these thoughts off my chest, I'll feel better. Let's try!

Some people say that pregnancy is the most beautiful thing they've ever experienced. Those people are either a.) lying or b.) masochists. Here are all the things they DON'T tell you before you get knocked up:

1. morning sickness - nothing morning about it. it's all day, everyday, for several months.
2. it doesn't matter if your boobs are real or fake - they become saggy messes either way.
3. back/rib pain - my back hurts most of every day, especially while i was working full-time. massages were great temporary fixes, but basically, it just hurts.
4. stretch marks - doesn't matter if you never had them before, you're going to get them now. the cocoa butter may help a drip, but not all that much. they just look bad.
5. lack of coordination - i just can't do the things that i want to do, like stand up and put pants on or shave my legs well. never thought about what a luxury those were.
6. (omitting this one)
7. acne - i haven't had this many zits and blackheads since high school. horrible. plus, it's not like you can really treat it. i have some all-natural stuff, but it doesn't help all that much.
8. farting - yeah, nothing you can do about that.
9. false peeing/accidentally peeing - sometimes i feel like i have to pee, then nothing comes out. on two occasions, i actually started to accidentally pee in my pants without even realizing that i had to go at all.
10. baby wiggling - this sometimes gets annoying now that she's so big and I feel it so frequently.
11. advice - every single person alive wants to give you pregnancy advice. most of it sucks.
12. maternity clothing - it's just not cute or well-made.
13. thicker/frizzier hair - my hair does not shed AT ALL, so even though it's cut/thinned, it is still so thick and unmanageable. i always groom my hair well, so this is very annoying.
14. being fat - i know this sounds silly, but i've always been slender to average. thighs rubbing together, more just not used to this, so it's uncomfortable.
15. restricted diet - sometimes i just want a bite of sushi or a tuna melt. maybe just a sip of Sam Adams or a mimosa?
16. answering the same questions over and over many weeks along? the sex? the name? I've been pregnant for 10 years, its a hermaphrodite, and its name is Satan. (sorry, baby, mommy does really love you, i promise!!)
17. sleeping - i know this gets much worse, but i just can't sleep comfortably anymore. pretty much i've just given up on sleep already.

Okay, so now that I got all that are some really nice things about pregnancy:
1. The excitement of each ultrasound. It is very exciting!
2. Finding out the sex - again, definitely exciting.
3. People letting you get away with things in stores. Like, they'll actually hold doors for you and let you go down an aisle before them.
4. The first few months of baby kicking and moving around. It's very cute, and sometimes cute towards the end, too.
5. Putting together a registry. I really enjoyed picking everything out.
6. Having a baby shower is better than almost any other event (except my wedding - that was just an amazing weekend!!)
7. Designing the nursery - Love it!
8. Gaining the support of those around you. Being pregnant definitely shows you who is really there for you and who is not so supportive. This is a good lesson to learn.
9. The oooo's and ahhhh's. The attention is nice at first.
10. Sharing something beautiful with your husband.
11. Pregnancy allows you to dream a lot more. I have so many fantasies about being a mom. Some may be realistic, some probably aren't, but the dreaming part is fun!!

I think that's about all I can think about. I do actually feel much better now. Maybe venting every so often is good - I just don't want to be a negative, pessimistic person anymore!! :-) :-) :-)

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