Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Big Sister Birthday Party (Day 13 of 30)

Lydia had a beautiful early 2nd big sister birthday party yesterday! This was a double celebration...actually, triple! Lydia's 2nd birthday, becoming a big sister, and the soon-to-be birth of her baby brother. How exciting! We had the party at our community swimming pool. Lots of friends and our family showed up. We did a sandwich bar with salads, dips/chips, veggies, fruit, etc. She had a great time swimming, and she received some beautiful gifts. Overall, the perfect 2nd birthday party! Here are some of the pictures:

Lydia's friend Kahlan with her mommy Lauren
My big swimming girl!

Lydia's friend Brandon

Birthday Cake

Lydia's cousin Kayla

Lydia with her cousin Kyra

Big Sis shirt for winter time!

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