Thursday, August 11, 2011

Marriage and Compromise (Day 10 of 30)

Obviously, a big part of marriage is compromise. Sometimes couples are really good at this, sometimes not. Richard and I, historically, have only really fought about one thing: his love of sports, specifically football, the Miami Dolphins. Each year I get anxious as football season approaches. I know it will cause unnecessary battles (and I blame myself for my impatience). But it really isn't the football that's the's the checking other scores, checking Fantasy Football, reading all the articles before/after, checking the ESPN app, etc. Plus, I'm not a fan of having to plan my Sundays around football. I grew up in a house where my father probably couldn't name one player, team, position, or any other football anything. I knew nothing of sports and how crazed people got until I went to UF - total culture shock for me!!

At the beginning of each football season, I tell myself I'll be kinder and more patient because my husband deserves it, but I'm not always so good at sticking to that. Well, this year, I want to make it work for our family. Two children, one grumpy wife, and one football-crazed husband won't work, but maybe something WILL work. Here's what I proposed:

1. Richard can watch all Sunday Dolphin games.
2. Richard can read all the articles, Fantasy Football stuff, check other scores, etc. during the Dolphin game.
3. He can go out to watch 2 games at World of Beer or some other sports bar (with a two drink limit).
4. He can trade Dolphins games for Gator games if he prefers.
5. He can clap loudly during a Dolphins game watched at home IF Lydia and her brother are both awake.


6. No endless hours searching for articles.
7. No checking scores constantly.
8. No Fantasy Football all the time.
9. No non-Dolphin games (without exchanging for Dolphins games).
10. Monday games = questionable

I want to learn to be patient and accepting of the whole sports thing, but I know it will be a struggle having a baby right at the start of football season, so I hope this all works out well. I also hope that if we find something better to do as a family on Sunday, that comes first. I guess we'll see how everything goes, but I am glad that some guidelines were agreed upon before football season begins!

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