Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Boy's Bedroom (Day 16 of 30)

Since we bed-shared with Lydia past the crib stage, we figured there would be no point in designing a nursery for our baby boy. Instead, we decided to make a toddler room that doubles as a learning room for Lydia. I noticed that I had a lot of primary-colored items around the house (mostly from my teaching career), so I thought about what type of theme would go with primary colors. Then it hit me: Outerspace! I think I design rooms in a way that is similar to how actual designers do it - I started with a wall color and then found accessories to go with it. Here are images of the things that I put together:

This is the wall color from the Buzz Lightyear Collection - Star Command Blue
Moon lamp from IKEA

Rocket Lamp from Target

Large space rug from Amazon

Kidcraft table/chairs from BuyBuyBaby
These are the last two pieces I would like to purchase for the room. I think it will definitely be complete after we get these:

Guidecraft Star & Moon Shelves

What do you think? What theme do you have in your child's room? Did you put it together piece by piece? Does your child like his/her bedroom?

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Richard Wells said...

Well, this time you started with a color; with Lydia's room, you started with a tone (whimsical).

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