Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pregnancy and Weight Gain (Day 2 of 30)

Day 2 of my 30 posts: Pregnancy and Weight Gain. Last pregnancy, I gained 47 pounds. For my not-so-in-shape body, that was too much! I had horrible back pains starting around 18 weeks. I had difficulty breathing during the 3rd trimester. I was eating a lot of unhealthy foods, like French fries, potato chips, etc. I was also a pescatarian, so I didn't eat any meat. I chose to eliminate some foods that I probably could've eaten in moderation, like canned tuna and other fish. Basically, in an attempt to do what I thought was right with my diet, I was making poor choices. In the end, I was healthy (with the exception of an Iron deficiency I took supplements for), and Lydia was a nice healthy weight, so it wasn't so bad...or was it? The one thing I sacrificed was my self-esteem. In some ways, permanently. I didn't feel healthy or happy weighing so much, but beyond that I had tons of stretch marks that I still have to this day. It was only after I hit 30+ lbs that they really started. They are on my sides and straight down the middle of my abdomen. Also across my upper thighs. They make me very self-conscious, but what I've learned more than anything else, is that they were avoidable!  It angers me to some extent now, but not much I can do about it now other than learn from my mistakes from my first pregnancy.

So what's different this pregnancy? Well, a million things, but in terms of my diet, I have made so many changes! I started eating meat last fall. In small portions at first, but now I will eat meat as an entree. I try to shop the perimeter of stores, avoiding almost all processed foods (with the exception of maybe one box of crackers, canned beans, brown rice, and some boxes of pasta). Everything else is fresh fruit, veggies, dairy, protein, and some bakery items. I get the staples, like the canned beans and pasta, at Publix and the proteins/dairy at Whole Foods usually. Around this time last pregnancy, I was at 30+ pounds. This time, I've gained 16 pounds living a much healthier lifestyle. The great thing is that I am also cooking better for my family, especially since I started doing a weekly meal planner each weekend. It saves us money, too, because I only buy what I need at the grocery store - much less waste.

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