Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Vacation in Sanibel

This past weekend, we went to Sanibel. I hadn't been in several years, so it was a nice little getaway. Richard, Lydia, and I went with Jamie, Mike, Kayla, and Kyra. Lydia loves being with her older cousins! The first day of our trip, we drove to Arcadia, FL and visited the Peace River Campgrounds. This area is known for it's fossil-hunting. We went in the river, sifted through the sand/mud, and found lots of little shark's teeth and bones. For the most part, everyone had a great time! Lydia loved splashing in the calm shallow water.

We spent a lot of time at the beach in Sanibel. Lydia and Kayla enjoyed digging in the sand together and playing along the shore. I enjoyed wearing a bathing suit and not caring if I looked like a beached whale. I was 29 weeks pregnant and feeling great!

Of course, vacations are all about the food, too. We visited our favorite restaurant in Captiva, The Bubble Room. How can you resist delicious cakes like these?? So yummy!

My favorite picture from the trip is one of Lydia and Richard. They are so in love with each other! <3

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