Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I wasn't sad to see you leave...

And I wasn't happy when you returned!

So, last week, it happened. I got my period. Other than the bleeding that occurs after you give birth, I hadn't had my monthly "friend" since November 2008. A friend warned me that I may get it back after returning to work (which I did at 7 months) and at 9.5 months, it was back! And not only was it back... It was very heavy. This brought on a lot of emotions (not to mention horrible migraines).  I think this is something that perhaps only breastfeeding mommies would understand because of the symbiotic relationship that occurs between mommy and baby. I was providing Lydia with nourishment and health, while she was protecting me from menstrual cramps and bleeding. I feel like this marked the end of her "needing" to nurse. When I first had her, I thought I would only breastfeed for a few weeks at most, and as we're approaching 10 months, I'm not ready for her to start drinking regular milk at a year :-( People have asked me if I'll wean at 12 months, and I'm still very uncertain about how/when I will wean. I guess I'll just play it day-by-day and see what Lydia wants to do.

So here's a super-embarrassing story that I'll share with my readers.

I went with a girlfriend to get frozen yogurt last week. Lydia fell asleep on my chest for over an hour, so I just sat and talked to my friend that whole time. When Lydia awoke, my friend asked to hold her. I bent over to hand her off, and what happened? A FLOOD poured out of me, through my pants, and on to the chair. I went to the bathroom, and I was just soaked through. What to do?? I cleaned up as best as I could, and I grabbed one of Lydia's cloth diapers to soak it all up! Yay to cloth diapers!! Fortunately I was wearing dark blue jeans, but after grabbing Lydia, I ran to the car, stuck her in, grabbed one of her changing pads to stick under my bottom, and drove home.

This situation reminded me of when I was in 10th grade. I had this grey and black striped dress that I didn't particularly like, but actually that friend I mentioned above (who said my period would return) and my mom picked it out and said it was cute on me. Something about that dress was cursed. First, I was wearing it when I found out my crush was moving away. Then, I was in English class, and my period leaked all over the dress, my chair, etc. How embarrassing!  My 65 yr old chemistry teacher had to let me borrow her sweater to tie around my waist so I could call my mom to bring me new clothing :-( 

Oh, the joys of being a woman!!  So I've heard about alternatives to traditional tampons/sanitary napkins. I'd like to purchase one, but I'm kinda confused about how it all works. Anyone care to share your experiences/recommendations?  Thanks!


Shell said...

Oh, no! Mother Nature should cut us a break!

With my first and second, I didn't get much reprieve from my period, even though I did breastfeed- even extended bf and was even tandem nursing by the time the second came around. I did get about a 6 month break with my third, though.

Jennifer said...

Wow that seems really heavy...have you asked your gyno about it?

It may please you to know that I just started and finished mine in 2 days - which is what it was before I had Jack, after about 4 or 5 months of being heavier. So if its worse than it was before Lydia, you may find that after a few months it gets better. I had 3 or 4 sterile cycles before I started ovulating again, too, unless for the first time since I started at age 11, I couldn't feel ovulation. Not that my experience will work as BC for someone else haha!

I have used cloth pads for years...since college...and love them. You can make your own or buy them from a lot of cloth diaper companies. Glad Rags have a good following, too. I have been using Seventh Generation products while we are camped out at my parents house, since washing isn't really an option, and I have to say I wouldn't reccomend them for you. They won't be absorbant enough for a heavy period. You should try a diva cup or similar - I have not tried one yet but I hear fantastic things about them.

Elita said...

Super heavy periods the first few months after it returns is normal. I had accidents like this, too, after I got my period when Miles was 8 months old. You know I love my Diva Cup! If you have any questions, let me know. I use cloth pads as back-ups, but wouldn't use them full time. I don't know, the idea of pads is just really gross to me, I haven't used them since I was 15 or so and started using tampons.

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