Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Day in the Country

Okay, so maybe visiting Boyton and Delray isn't really visiting the country, but it's the closest country to my house! Last Saturday, we went to Bedner's Farm, the Girl's Strawberry Patch, Harvest Time Market, and another small place that had fresh chicken eggs. So cool! I'll go through each one in the order we visited.

Harvest Time Market is actually in Lantana. During certain times of the year, they have a you-pick area, but they didn't when we visited. However, they did have a nice farmer's market, with delicious hybrid tomatoes (those huge ones they sell at Whole Foods for like $5.99/lb) for just $1.99/lb. They also have a nursery, where we got two plants for our front yard.

The next place we visited was Bedner's Farm. It's the most traditional farm in the area. They have a nice indoor farmer's market. Outdoors, they have a barbecue area with sandwiches and side dishes...and homemade ice cream that is powered by a tractor! Then, you can take a ride on a tractor/trailer to the different fruit/veggie patches. The tomatoes and strawberries were in season, so we got to pick those.

Next, we went to a nursery that had fresh farm eggs. The place also had lots of exotic orchids and other plants for sale. Oh, and the owner had two cute corgies :-)

And last, but certainly not least, we visited the Girl's Strawberry Patch. This place is so cool! The actual you-pick is located behind a somewhat run-down strip mall. You enter through an old-time candy store with fresh ice cream, cookies, and chocolates, into a world like no other. In addition to a hydroponic you-pick that has tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, lettuce, green beans, etc., there are lots of animals. Rescued birds (some that I had never seen before - parrots, peacocks, etc.), rabbits, tortoises, miniature donkeys, and more. The produce is so inexpensive and delicious. Many of the birds are free to roam or are in large cages. The animals are all fed well (mostly veggies). And there are old cars that are repainted, large cut-outs to take photos in, and areas to sit in the shade. It's such an awesome (FREE) place to visit. Oh, and sometimes...they have faeries with faerie dust! How cool is that?? After visiting the Girl's Strawberry Patch, you can go in the Boy's Market, which has a bakery, cheese from around the world, butcher, seafood, tons of produce, and delicious prepared foods. Awesome day with my family!


Elita said...

I just read this post out loud to Jovan and now he wants to go next weekend! This sounds like so much fun. I think he was sold when he heard about the Corgies. Those are his favorite dogs. :) Thanks for the info! I've actually been wanting to take Miles to a real working farm for a long time.

Huppie Mama said...

Let me know if you have any questions! All of these places are awesome - it's just good, simple, wholesome family fun. I always want Lydia to know that food doesn't just magically appear at Publix. People and animals work hard to make the food that we're fortunate enough to eat and enjoy. Hope you guys have a great time! Don't forget to wear hats and lightweight clothing - the sun gets pretty harsh!!

Huppie Mama said...

Oh, there's also a place in Coconut Creek (441 and Johnson) that is a nursery and a hydroponic you-pick. I went there about 2 months ago. There was lots of cool stuff there, too :-)

HiHoRosie said...

Looks so fun! And love the little animals, esp the colorful parrot-like bird (sorry, I don't know my birds!).

Debbie said...

That looks like the best place ever! I am totally jealous.

Huppie Mama said...

It really is cool to escape for a day and do something out of the ordinary :-)

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