Monday, March 22, 2010

Product Tester or Mommy??

I have learned that sometimes as a mom, you buy way too many things because you want to see what will work best for you. So here are my experiences thus far to share with you!

Cloth Diapers:

I was lucky with this one...I am really happy with my Gro Baby Diapers. The great thing about them is that you can use the disposable, biodegradable insert or the cloth insert. However, I have learned that she doesn't do well through the night with the cloth insert, so we use the biodegradable ones every night. I was fortunate enough to purchase my diapers when Gro Baby was having a Seconds sale, so we got a great deal!!


Like most naive new parents, I purchased two Bjorn-type carriers (from Chicco and Infantino).  I know there's all types of research now indicating that this style of carrier is not good for your baby's physical development, but I don't think carrying them for a few hours here and there in one of those carriers is really that detrimental. The babies love them!

I have a Baby Balboa Sling, which I do like, but my shoulders do get sore after about an hour of carrying her. It's probably because the weight isn't distributed very well. However, I like that she can lie down, sit up, and do the hip carry.

Today I actually purchased a My Baby Nest, which would probably be great for some babies, but I have to return it. Why? Because when Lydia faces forward (which was kinda the appeal), she can't suck her thumb, so she was frustrated. She was also trying to basically leap out of it to reach for things, which made it feel not as secure as it should be.

A few weeks ago, I thought I ordered a Mei Tai through Dittany Baby, but apparently something got messed up, and my order was not filled. I communicated with customer service today, and I think it will be sent shortly. I'm excited about this item. I think it will be a good fit for us.

I'd really love an ERGO Baby Carrier. Right now, Piece of Me is having an ERGO giveaway. I hope to win it!!

I also have two strollers (one travel system, one umbrella stroller). I use those when I have to carry a lot of stuff.

Feeding utensils:

Because Lydia is breastfed, I didn't have to worry too much about bottles. The only ones I used were the Medela with the slow flow nipples.

After winning a thinkbaby bottle/sippy cup conversion set, I decided today to purchase the thinkbaby feeding set. It was a bit pricey, but I liked the different sized containers and that they are supposed to be so safe for baby. The only real downfall is that they are not microwave-safe, so I'll have to heat up her food on the stove or heat up in another container in the microwave and transfer. The lids make storage easy, and the spoon, fork, and cup are perfect for Lydia to grow into!

I'd also like to purchase some bamboo utensils, but this is certainly not a priority.

Nursing Bras:

I purchased one Medela bra while pregnant to wear at night. I still wear this sometimes.

I initially got professionally measured, and when I found out that I'm now a 34F/G, I thought my only option was to spend $60+ per bra. I got two to start with (one for day, one for night). These bras worked well, but were definitely high-end. The staff at The Bra Boutique were great and really helped to size the bras for me.

I purchased a few bras at Motherhood Maternity, but they did not fit properly, so I had to return them. The real downfall is that the sizes they have in the store are very limited, so you have to order and return through the mail just to try larger sizes.

However, I recently learned that Bravado bras are great!  I even purchased one for my friend who is expecting in May. I'm excited to share this great find with her.

Baby Food:

Initially, I wanted to make all my own food. Lydia didn't seem too thrilled with everything I made, so I tried Yummy in My Tummy. They make all organic baby/toddler food that comes chilled/frozen. Plus, the food comes in reusable containers, so I can make my own food and refill them. The store is about 15 minutes from my house. Great find!

I won a giveaway for Sprout baby food. Lydia seems to like this food the most. It was created by Tyler Florence, and I can tell you first hand it smells and tastes really good! There are so many flavor combinations.

I  also tried the Happy Baby Food. This food comes frozen, but they also make organic snacks, such as yogurt melts and crunchies. I'd like to try these when Lydia is ready.

That's a pretty good overview of all my product testing thus far. I'm sure I'll have some updates soon. Any products you absolutely love that I have not mentioned? Anything that didn't work for your family?


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