Thursday, March 4, 2010

Giveaway Winner

About 2 weeks ago, I decided to search the web for giveaways. I feel like I have entered a million of them!  I won two great products that I want to share.

The first is a Thinkbaby bottle that converts into a sippy cup that I won on Clementine NW:

The second is this awesome Diaper Tote from Baby Star that I won from Happy Hour Mom:

I also reviewed the Simplisse Breast Pump on Blacktating!

So excited about these great products that I got for free!!

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Jennifer said...

Okay love that I am quoted on someone else's blog haha. But I have entered soo many give aways on blogs over the last two years and have never won anything! That just doesn't seem fair...but baby star products are awesome so I'm looking forward to hearing how you like the bag because I have had my eyes on them. Totes are easier with cloth diapers, too, because they don't fit in the pockets in diaper bags and neither does a wetbag with diapers in it or a wipes pouch, etc...

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