Tuesday, May 10, 2011

21 Weeks tomorrow

I am 21 weeks tomorrow. I had a great appt. with my midwife today. I learned that I can be up to a week past my due date and still have a VBAC. I also learned that I can move around while in labor - stand, walk, go on a ball, sit up, etc. That's so awesome to hear! She encouraged me to labor at home as long as possible, which is very encouraging. I know Lydia can be in the room, too, but it just depends on how she is behaving. I have gained 7 lbs, so I am doing great with my weight. I think I had probably gained 10+ by this point last time. My appetite is definitely starting to increase, so I need to make sure I'm doing everything in moderation. I'm really feeling great - awesome pregnancy so far, and it's already more than half over!!


Ana B said...

I am 13 weeks pregnant and also so glad to have went with a midwife for this pregnancy! Even though I had my first vaginally and without drugs at the hospital, I still want to avoid that place at all costs. It is so great to have this freedom with a midwife :) Hearing "we're here to give you what YOU want for the birth" is so odd!

Carrie said...

Just read this - thanks for commenting!! I am really excited about the fact that I do have options this time. I felt like they were taken away from me last time :-( I just hope everything goes smoothly!

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