Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ecostore USA Product Review

When Ecostore USA asked me to do a product review, I gladly responded YES! They had a brief form to fill out, allowing you to request what type of products you would like to review. I chose the Laundry Liquid and Baby Body Wash. When Lydia was just a few months old, she started getting very dry, red skin, especially in the folds of her skin (behind her knees and elbows). The pediatrician told me she had eczema, so from that point forward we have made a genuine effort to use only eco-friendly products free of dyes and chemicals. We also use cloth diapers, so I need to find detergents that work well with our diapers.

The Ecostore USA Laundry Liquid has a strong, but pleasant, eucalyptus scent. It is a super-concentrated, clear, plant-based detergent. A small amount goes a long way with a regular load of laundry, although I do suggest using double the suggested quantity when washing cloth diapers to remove all odors/residue.
The Baby Body Wash has a mild lavender scent. It is also plant-based. While it does not make a lot of lather as a product with synthetic chemicals may create, it works well to clean baby's skin without making it dry, and it leaves the skin smelling beautiful. As with the detergent, a small amount on a washcloth goes a long way.

Compared to other eco-friendly home/baby products, the products at Ecostore USA are reasonably priced. In fact, if you order $25 worth of products through their website, shipping is free! Ecostore USA is a great option for parents who really care about limiting the toxins in their children's surroundings.

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