Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Updates on My Family

Being a mother is amazing. I'm reminded of this every single day. Today, Lydia has been pointing to my belly, saying "ba ba", and kissing it repeatedly. She's 19 months old now, and while we talk about the baby coming a lot, I am not sure what she actually understands. She's so good with my friends' babies. She wants to hug them and kiss them and bring them toys and food. So very sweet!

So I had my 16-week midwife appointment today. Baby's heartbeat was 153 bpm. At my first visit, I was 140, second visit, I was 138, and today I was 141. She said that looked good. I told her that I'm really trying to watch what I eat so I don't gain too much weight, and she said that was a really good idea. I asked her if there are any exercises I should be practicing, and she said she'll show me when we get closer. She reminded me to eat lean proteins and try to keep my carb intake low.

One month until we find out the sex! So exciting!

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