Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yellow Green Farmer's Market

Living in South Florida, I am often disappointed by our lack of alternative shopping options. When you visit more metropolitan areas, there are produce stores and delis, real bakeries with fresh breads and specialty cheese stores. Most people here shop at Publix. Our only real options are still corporate - Whole Foods and Fresh Market.  But then I heard about the Yellow Green Farmer's Market. I figured it would be two small stands with a few heads of lettuce and some homemade granola. Was I wrong!! 

Yellow Farmer's Market in Hollywood, FL is the closest thing I have seen to the famous farmer's market in Seattle (I visited that 2 years ago and it was pretty amazing). Some of the items we purchased included good olive oil from Spain, whole grain ciabatta bread, Amish jalapeno cheese, burrata cheese, raw wildflower honey, garlic and chive pasta, and a whole snapper.  I used the burrata cheese and ciabatta bread to make an awesome panzanella salad. Delicious! So many of the food vendors had samples, so you can try all of their products before purchasing. There were also eco-friendly vendors like Dirty Peaches Clothing Co., boutique items for babies, fresh produce, landscapers, smoothies, spices/teas, and so much more! Oh, and live music, too.

We probably walked around for about two hours, looking, tasting, and learning. If you live in South Florida, I highly recommend visiting the Yellow Green Farmers Market. They are open Saturdays, Sundays, and Thursday evenings.

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